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E-link is used to lookup your child's bus information.  Click the button below to login.


Once at the login screen, you will be prompted for a Username and Password

Enter STUDENT ID for both these fields and log in.


Once logged in, select the "Work with Students" link.

Then select "View My Students" link.

And finally select your child's name.


Your child's information will be shown under the "Student Information" section.

Below that, you will find the "Transportation Information" assigned to your child.

And finally you will see a link to "Show Basic Information" below there.


  • Student Information: Basic information about your student that is loaded in the student database.

  • Transportation Information: This is where you can find bus information if assigned.

  • Basic Information: Additional student information and Transportation COMMENTS and NOTES.


If your student shows a status of "Ride" with no busing information (Bus stop, times or locations).

  • A stop has yet to be assigned to the student.

If your student shows a status of "No Bus"

  • The student may live in a school walk zone. Look at NOTES in the "Basic Information" section.

  • The student may be a transfer student under a "No Transportation Provided" program.

  • The student may not have requested transportation.

(Call your School to have them update your request for transportation if eligible.)

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