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The Baldwin County School District is seeking community members to help their local community by serving as a member on our Naming Facilities Committee.


The following positions are recommended as candidates for serving on the committee:


1. The Principal of the designated school

2. The Teacher of the Year of the designated school

3. A Parent or Legal Guardian of a child at the school of the designated school (1-2)

4. A Partner-In-Education (1-2)

5. A Local School Governance Team Member of the designated school (1-2)

6. Alumni of the Baldwin County School District (1-2)


The Baldwin County School District’s Name Facilities Committee will play a vital role in determining if an individual has had a significant enough impact on the Baldwin County School District to justify a distinguished recognition of naming one of our facilities or a portion of a building after that individual.


Naming Facilities Committee members will work collaboratively with each other reviewing multiple submissions throughout the year and take on the responsibility of making the decision of whom they think have made a tremendous positive impact for our schools and our community.


Members of the committee will make recommendations to the Board of Education. Members of the Board of Education will consider each naming opportunity carefully and will exercise the utmost discretion in ensuring that those upon whom such an honor is bestowed exhibit characteristics which are consistent with the mission, values, and beliefs of the Baldwin County Board of Education.  

If you are interested in serving on the Facilities Naming Committee, the deadline for submitting the form is Monday, May 13, 2019.

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