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Georgia College Hosts Chemistry on the Lawn

Students watching a live experiment on the lawn at Georgia College

Students from across Baldwin County were treated to a series of interactive STEAM based projects hosted by Dr. Catrena Lisse and Georgia College. Students from nearly all our schools and age groups were in attendance and were able to experience some fun and exciting stations that allowed them to engage and learn with science experiments while on a real college campus.

Dr. Lisse and her college students conducting an experiment to blow up pumpkins for our students.

The visit also serves as yet another opportunity to instill in our students the very real possibility and need for a college level education. The visit helps our students become acclimated with the college environment with the hope that they'll see they, too, can continue their education upon graduation.

A very special thanks to the Dr. Lisse and all of Georgia College for hosting this wonderful event for our students.

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