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STEM Education In The LVA Exploratory Classroom

Hallway Hovercraft Race

In order to meet the increasingly rigorous demands of a 21st century education, Lakeview Academy has implemented a curriculum that includes a STEM exploratory class. Fifth graders are able to explore topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a hands-on environment. They are encouraged to become logical thinkers who are able to identify problems and offer possible ways of solving them. They are exposed to various types of educational technology and learn how to create their own. They are allowed to build and explore while learning important concepts. Students are often asked to provide input into the pathway of their own STEM education. To date, students have created online avatars and digital cartoons, engineered wallets, built towers, and raced personally designed and engineered hovercrafts. LVA students have plans to explore so much more!

STEM class

geometric shapes, team building
creating cartoons

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