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Lakeview Academy, Northridge Christian Church Launch Parent Laundry Center

Adminstrators and community partners cutting the ribbon of the laundry center.

Lakeview Academy, in partnership with Northridge Christian Church, had the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for the all new Parent Laundry Center this afternoon.

“This is something we are very excited to see come to our school,” said Principal Dr. Shawne Holder. “This center will help us meet a critical need for some of our families. Clean clothes has a huge impact on a student’s self-esteem and academic performance and we are thrilled to have Partners in Education like Northridge Christian Church helping us make it easier for our families.”

“We are proud to come together as a community to partner with Lakeview Academy, Pamlico Pools, Citizens Bank, World Hi-Fi, & Family Connections to serve families in our schools,” said Northridge Connections Pastor Amy Raburn. “Our goal is to alleviate some financial burdens faced by families in our area. We feel that this meets a need and also shows that the BOE cares, the teachers care and the community cares for parents’ and students’ well being.

The Parent Laundry Center at Lakeview Academy, which will be available during school hours for parents to do laundry, is an innovative program organized by Northridge Christian Church that aims to leverage community resources to help our families ensure their student’s clothes are clean and fresh every day. Parents will also have the opportunity to explore other resources and volunteer opportunities that will be available during their use of the laundry center.

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