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Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, August 29th as a dangerous Category 4 hurricane. It hit Louisiana, Mississippi and the Northeast Coast of the United States causing catastrophic damage along its path, triggering destruction to homes, schools, businesses, and even hospitals. People were left without power, food, and water. In the midst of it all, the people of our country have come together to provide aid to the individuals affected by the hurricane.

This Friday, September 10th, and Monday, September 13th, our school system will participate in the Baldwin Cares Fundraiser. Students can show their support by wearing Jeans or a team jersey. Students will be asked to donate $1.00 for each day they wish to participate in the event. Staff members will also show their support by participating in the fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Ida. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000. Let’s show the individuals affected by Hurricane Ida how much Baldwin Cares.

One Team, One Mission!

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