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Baldwin County School District's May Pursuit of Excellence Winners

Congratulations to the following employees who are the May 2022 recipients

of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

D’Nee Freeman

Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Ms. Freeman has worked for the district for more than 6 years and currently works as a 3rd Grade teacher at Lakeview Academy. Ms. Freeman was nominated by her colleague, Diondrea Whipple.

Ms. Whipple had the following to say:

“It is my honor to nominate Ms. D’nee Freeman for the pursuit of excellence award. Ms. Freeman is one that humbly exudes excellence and S.O.A.R's in a multitude of capacities at Lakeview Academy. Ms. Freeman takes the time out to build a sense of community and relationships in her learning environment. She establishes norms and routines that are evident whether she is present or not. Once in her absence, I can recall my daughter coming to me and saying, 'Mom, Ms. Freeman will be out, but I know to be on my best behavior for her'.

"Ms. Freeman is soft-spoken and nurturing. Ms. Freeman’s students love her because she acknowledges their individuality and purposefully addresses their needs. I can attest that Ms. Freeman proactively seeks out opportunities to enhance her students’ academic competencies via instructional practices and strategies that I have observed with my daughter this year. Ms. Freeman is an exceptional educator that impacts students’ lives like no other. I am wholeheartedly convinced that she deserves this honor. I am inspired by Ms. Freeman and am in awe of her talents. My daughter awakens each day with a desire to experience the magic that takes place in her learning environment!”

Ms. Freeman, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Marilyn French

School Nurse at Midway Hills Primary

Ms. French has worked for the Baldwin County School District for more than 6 years. Ms French currently works as a School Nurse. She was nominated by her principal, Mrs. Tara Burney.

Mrs. Burney had the following to say:

“Nurse French should be the Pursuit of Excellence winner because of her hard work and dedication to Midway Hills Primary. She is more than a nurse for our school. She takes initiative by filling in wherever there is a need in our school. She even assists with bus dismissal by taking a specific group of students to their bus so that the bus driver does not have to wait long to retrieve students. She is very supportive and works hard to build relationships with students. These are only a few reasons why I would like to nominate Nurse Marilyn French for the Pursuit of Excellence Award!"

Ms. French, thank you for modeling excellence!

Jennifer Pruett

MTSS Specialist at Lakeview Primary & Lakeview Academy

Mrs. Pruett has worked for the Baldwin County School District for more than 15 years. She currently works as the MTSS Specialist at Lakeview Primary & Lakeview Academy. Mrs. Pruett was nominated by her colleague, Beth Craddock.

Mrs. Craddock had the following to say:

“Mrs. Pruett makes the MTSS process much easier than it has been in the past. Her organization decreases the time teachers have to use to prepare materials for progress monitoring. Mrs. Pruett is readily available to answer questions and works diligently to help our students get all the assistance available for them to reach their potential. While Mrs. Pruett is terrific at her job, it's the ways she goes above and beyond that really make a difference on a daily basis. Mrs. Pruett understands the pressures of being in the classroom and comes up with ways to make teachers and staff feel appreciated regularly. She encourages the family atmosphere at Lakeview Academy and makes it known that she is here if we ever need to talk. Not only is my job easier because of Mrs. Pruett, but my days are sunnier, and my (overly full) plate feels not so heavy."

Mrs. Pruett, thank you for being a model of excellence!

Christina Rogers

Career Technical Instruction (CTI) Coordinator

Mrs. Rogers has worked for the Baldwin County School District for over 4 years. She currently works as a Career Technical Instruction (CTI) Coordinator at Baldwin High School. Mrs. Rogers was nominated by her colleague, Tequila Thomas.

Ms. Thomas had the following to say:

“Mrs. Rogers is always available to assist with general education students and especially, Special Education students. She is always offering to help with differentiation strategies, tutoring services and just to provide her expertise. She has been working in her field for some time and I think she’s sometimes taken for granted. We also connect CTI with FCCLA because of our experience with CTI and the benefits for the members. Mrs. Christina Rogers is helpful, kind, and dedicated to her students! She is an extremely qualified CTI Advisor who understands the needs of her students and the powerful relationship she has with them. She cherishes her role in their lives and doesn’t let anything or anyone deter her from caring for them. I am glad to call her my team member."

Mrs. Rogers, thank you for being the epitome of excellence!

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