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Baldwin County Schools and Georgia College Host Musical Therapy Concert

Georgia College and Baldwin County Schools have been working together to provide music therapy services since 2016, and currently serves about 80 students in the Program for Exceptional Children across the District. On the morning of December 2nd, those students got the opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents in front of a full house at the Oak Hill Middle School theater during their concert, "Sunny With A Chance of Music".

There were performances from groups of every grade level across the Baldwin School District: Midway Primary's Super Music Makers, Lakeview Academy's Rockland Eagles, Oak Hill Middle's Rockin' Braves and Colorful Braves, and Lakeview Primary's Little Rascals and Rockin' Knights, as well as a performance by the Best Braves from Baldwin High School.

Audiences were treated to a variety of different genres of music, some of them even rewritten to fit in with the show's overall weather theme. 'It's Raining Tacos' was perhaps the favorite, having been revised to include each of the children's favorite foods!

Thank you to the Georgia College Music Therapy Faculty and staff as well as the teachers, staff and students of the Program for Exceptional Children for an outstanding concert.

Scroll down for a full photo gallery of the event:

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