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Baldwin High School Students receive the 1st Blaze Award

BHS seniors Olivia Warnock and Aaron Longino were recognized earlier this week in a “blaze” of glory at “Eggs & Issues” with the Milledgeville-Baldwin Chamber of Commerce and CGTC. Olivia and Aaron were awarded (along with 2 of our Early College seniors) a Blaze Award for receiving the highest ACT scores! Baldwin High School had four students tie for the top ACT score. This award comes from The Blaze Project, which focuses on academic achievement and success of high school seniors during their performance on the ACT test (similar to the STAAR Student award). GO BRAVES!!

Each student selected a teacher that has been the most influential to them. Aaron Longino selected Mrs. Jones and Olivia Warnock selected Mr. McMillan.

If you would like to learn more about the Blaze Project or to see photos from the event, please visit The Blaze Project Facebook Page

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