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BCSD October's Pursuit of Excellence Winners


Congratulations to the following employees who are the October 2020 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Mr. Christopher Stanton

School Nutrition Assistant at Midway Hills Primary School

Mr. Christopher Stanton was nominated by Desserae Milner, School Nutrition Manager at Midway Hills Primary School. Mr. Stanton joined the Baldwin County School Nutrition program in September of 2018. In just a short time, Mr. Stanton has flourished and grown as a leader in his role. He is commended for his ability to be a team player, his willingness to lend a helping hand, and stepping up to the plate to help out wherever he is needed. Ms. Milner, his immediate supervisor is quoted as calling Mr. Stanton “a lifesaver” especially during this school term in the pandemic. His co-workers and managers are very proud to work alongside him. Mr. Stanton, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!


Ms. Frances Cornett

School Nutrition Manager at Lakeview Primary School

Ms. Cornett was nominated by Lakeview Primary School's Principal Tracy Clark. Ms. Cornett joined the Baldwin County School District team in 2012. She transferred from her management position at the Early Learning Center to her current management position at Lakeview Primary School. Since making the transfer, she has graciously embraced the responsibilities of feeding more students and managing a larger kitchen staff. Ms. Clark had the following to say about Ms. Cornett’s performance: Ms. Cornett is a great asset to Lakeview Primary School. This year, we knew there would be challenges on how to safely feed our students due to the pandemic while following our school safety protocols. Before I even asked, she had already developed a plan so that all of our students could be served in the classroom. It doesn't matter what I may ask, she is more than willing to help if she can. She has worked tirelessly to make sure that our teachers know exactly what they need to do for breakfast and lunch. Mrs. Cornett is a true leader among her staff. You can tell that her staff has the utmost respect for her and her leadership. Even when she may not be there, her staff members know exactly what needs to be done. In the short time that she has been at our school, she has worked to make our breakfast and lunch program the best it can be. We are lucky to have her and her whole staff working with us. Ms.Cornett, thank you for modeling excellence!


Ms. April Hartzog

Assistant Principal at Baldwin High School

Ms. April Hartzog was nominated by Baldwin High School teacher Barry Reese. Ms Hartzog is working in her third year as an Assistant Principal at Baldwin High. Her previous experience includes working as an Instructional Coach, also at Baldwin High School. Mr. Reese commends Ms. Hartzog for her visibility in the school building and the special interest that she takes in the well-being of the students, faculty and staff. He goes on to explain that Ms. Hartzog is always ready to assist when needed, doing so with a smile and kind words. In the words of Mr. Reese, Ms. Hartzog is a true “inspiration”. Ms. Hartzog, thank you for your example of excellence!


Mrs. Keisha Simmons & Dr. Tammie Shinholster

Teachers at Midway Hills Academy

Both Midway Hills Academy teachers were nominated by Diondrea Whipple, a fellow teacher at the school.

Mrs. Simmons returned to Baldwin County Schools as a classroom teacher in 2019. She completed her student teaching with the district and we are fortunate that she decided to return to the district after teaching in a different county. Mrs. Simmons is commended for her willingness to transfer to a 4th grade teaching position for this school year. She was originally assigned to teach 3rd grade. Ms. Whipple is quoted as “making learning experiences for remote learners a successful and smooth transition”. In addition to her dedication to her students, she is praised for being a team player and sharing her ideas. Mrs. Simmons, you are a model of excellence!

Dr. Shinholster returned to the Baldwin County School District in 2015 and has over 17 years of experience in education. She has worked as a regular education teacher and last school year she was transferred into the position of STEAM teacher. Dr. Shinholster was recognized by her colleague, Ms. Diondrea Whipple. Ms. Whipple commends Dr. Shinholster on her willingness to be flexible and transferring from her teaching assignment as the STEAM teacher into her current assignment teaching 4th grade. There was a need to have another 4th grade teacher due to the pandemic and Dr. Shinholster made the transition without hesitation to ensure that the students have an experienced, qualified teacher. Dr. Shinholster is described by Ms. Whipple as being open and receptive to different ideas and as being a real team player. Dr. Shinhoster, you are a shining example of excellence!

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