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BCSD Why This Year's National Nurses Week is Extra Special

BCSD wishes to thank our school nurses, Shelby Giddens, Marilyn French, Crystal Johstono, Brandi Resha, and Emlyn Williams, who were all formally recognized at this month's Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 10th.

This is now the third year of the global pandemic, which has been particularly hard on frontline medical workers who are

often placed most at-risk due to the strenuous effort of caring for the sick. Since the beginning of the pandemic BCSD has moved swiftly to get dedicated nurses for each of its institutions.

Emlyn Williams (pictured right), of Midway Hills Academy, said that her students love her so much that they come to see her for any little scratch or upset stomach. National Nurses Week provides the perfect excuse to visit your school nurse without any boo-boos at all.

Remember to drop by and wish them and their patients the best, and thank them for all they do to keep us well. Scroll down for some fun photos of our fantastic school nurses!

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