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BOE Employee of the Week - Kathy Morgan

This week's BOE Employee of the Week recognition profile features Kathy Morgan. Mrs. Morgan is the Eligibility Clerk for the Baldwin County School Nutrition Department. She has worked for the school district for 16 years.

She has two boys; one lives in North Carolina and the other lives in Savannah, Georgia.

Gardening has recently become one of Mrs. Morgan's hobbies that she enjoys doing outside of work.

"I am attempting to start a garden in my backyard. My tomatoes have lived the last two years and were delicious. Now I am going to try to grow some other veggies this year," she said.

She's an action movie kind of girl and her favorite movies are the Avengers series of films.

Originally from Morrow, Georgia, she found her way to Milledgeville through a series of moves throughout her life. From Morrow she made her way to Hampton Ga, then she moved to Putnam County and now she lives here in Baldwin County. After earning her high school diploma, she started working as a school nutrition assistant then worked her way up. She absolutely loves working in the field of school nutrition and being a part of area children receiving healthy meals.

"I enjoy my job as the eligibility clerk for school nutrition because it helps feed our students for free. I feel a kind act can go a long way. For some students these meals are everything to them."

Mrs. Morgan we appreciate you for the hard work you put into your job. Thank you for all that you do for our school district and the children of Baldwin County.

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