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Search Sold Out of LVA 5th Grade Class Art Project for Charity has already sold out of the prints created in partnership with Mrs. Caroline Lacksen's 5th Grade Class at Lakeview Academy, with all $1,000 of the proceeds being donated to the Life Enrichment Center of Milledgeville.

On September 28th, we ran the story of Mrs. Caroline Lacksen's 5th grade class partnering with Brown Parcel Press owner and CEO Megan Fowler to design a special print for charity to help make the world a better place. On October 7th, Fowler returned to the class to show off several designs that came from the class's initial brainstorming session. The class voted on the final choice and Fowler, who runs the press with her mother, Gaelle Boling, out of their home in Gordon, GA, set to work.

Each printing had to go through a vintage Vandercook printing press twelve times to achieve all of the specific colors that the class picked out. In addition, Fowler created a handprinted signature card of each students' signature to include with each print sold.

All proceeds made from the sale of the prints will go to the Life Enrichment Center of Milledgeville, a private nonprofit program for adults with intellectual disabilities living in and around the Baldwin County area. Fowler delivered one print to each of the students in a special class session last week and announced the debut of the print on her website.

scroll down for a full video & photo gallery:

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