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Celebrating the Baldwin Bravettes: Marching Towards the GHSA 4A State Championship

In an electrifying performance this past Saturday, our very own Baldwin Bravettes showcased their exceptional talent and determination on the basketball court. The team secured a remarkable 55-32 victory against the Fayette County Tigers, propelling them into the spotlight of the GHSA 4A State Championship. This victory is not just a win; it's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and spirit of our athletes, coaches, and everyone involved in the Baldwin County School District's basketball program.

As we gear up for the upcoming championship game, we are filled with pride and excitement. The Bravettes will face off against the formidable Hardaway Hawks this Wednesday, March 6th, at 5:00 PM at the Macon Centreplex. This match promises to be an unforgettable showdown, highlighting the best of high school basketball in Georgia.

We encourage our entire Baldwin community to come out in full force to support our Bravettes. Tickets are available for $15 on GoFan, and your presence will undoubtedly energize our team and propel them towards victory.

In solidarity and support for our team, we declare this Wednesday a Black and Red Day! We invite students, staff, parents, and all community members to don our school colors, red and black, and display our collective pride and spirit. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our unity and backing for the Bravettes as they strive for the state title.

Furthermore, for those looking to commemorate this historic journey, we are offering Bravettes State Championship t-shirts. To purchase yours and wear it with pride on Wednesday, please contact Gina Whitaker at or call 478-457-3303. These t-shirts are not just apparel; they are a symbol of our shared hopes and dreams.

At this juncture, it's imperative to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Coach Kizzi Walker and her dedicated coaching staff. This success is a direct result of their incredible work, unwavering support, and strategic expertise. Coach Walker and her team have been the backbone of the Bravettes' journey, instilling in them the skills, confidence, and determination needed to excel. We are deeply thankful for their leadership and the positive impact they have had on our athletes and the broader school community.

As the Baldwin County School District, we stand together, proud of our Bravettes' achievements and looking forward with anticipation to the championship game. Let's make this Wednesday a memorable day of support, unity, and community spirit. Join us in cheering for the Bravettes as they aim to bring home the GHSA 4A State Championship title.

Go Bravettes!

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