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Dr. Price Receives Recognition from the Board and Community Partners during the Board Retreat

During the March 25, 2022 Board Retreat, Dr. Noris Price was surprised by the Board of Education Chair, John N. Jackson, Vice-Chair, Dr. Gloria Wicker, Board Members, Ms. Shannon D. Hill, Mr. Lyn Chandler, and Mr. Wes Cummings, along with Robert "Buddy" Costley, Executive Director of the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders, Jones Cork Group, and the Altman & Barrett Team. During the Board Retreat Meeting, the District was awarded the 2021-2022 GAEL Vision System Award in recognition of its Statewide Vision and Leadership for Public Education in Georgia and Dr. Price for being a Visionary of Public Education. The Board also recognized Dr. Price after the business of the Board for being an advocate for Public Education and in light of her many accomplishments in this journey of being named the 2022 Georgia Superintendent of the Year. The Board Retreat was business as usual but in the end, a moment was taken to reflect upon the many challenges throughout the years and the successes that were possible, even during the pandemic. Dr. Price shined the focus on our amazing students, teacher, staff, and their families who have remained steadfast in this educational journey. Dr. Price was humbled and heartfelt and stated that "It is the many efforts of everyone that has made this journey a success". Thank everyone for their many contributions and time during the Board Retreat.

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