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Family Engagement Virtual Sessions

According to research from the U.S. Department of Education's Family and Community Engagement Team, family engagement is an essential component of a child's educational development. The positive outcomes of engaged parents include improved cognitive development and academic performance, better social-emotional development, and improved family well-being. Of all the factors that determine student outcomes, family engagement is at the top of the list. Partnerships between schools and families can improve students’ grades, attendance, persistence, and motivation. Research shows that this is true regardless of a family’s race or income.

The Baldwin County School District has scheduled several Parent University sessions, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming family engagement events will be held virtually. Parents will be able to access these informative family engagement activities remotely. The first family engagement video on the Bee Well School-Based Health Clinic is available to watch today.

Click below to download the Bee Well Health Clinic flyer with more information on their services. You can also download a copy of September's family engagement and Parent University sessions. The times listed indicate when virtual sessions will be available to view remotely. For more information contact Karen Stanley, BCSD Family Engagement Specialist at 478-457-2960 or 478-363-5526.

Copy of Baldwin County School District S
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Bee Well Clinic Flyer
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