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Lakeview Primary Host STEM Family Night and WMAZ Weatherman as Part of Yearlong STEAM Focus

In the final week of October, Lakeview Primary hosted both it's STEM Family Night as well as WMAZ Meteorologist Alex Forbes, who spoke to the students about weather and other science-related reporting. During the STEM Family night students had the chance to get their parents involved in some of the fascinating projects and technologies that the school has been introducing them to throughout the year. The night was organized by LVP STEAM Teacher, and LVP Teacher of the Year, Brittany Nichols and Erin Youmans, the regional coordinator for GYSTC (Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers). Both events were part of the larger Year of STEAM initiative that Lakeview Primary is currently undertaking.

"We provided each of the stations that the teachers are running here," Youmans said, "the kits are designed to immerse students in STEM education to get them excited about science, technology, engineering, and math. We also aim to engage children and get them excited about STEM careers in their future." Youmans serves all of Baldwin County, as well as Washington, Candler, Emanuel, Jefferson, and Tattnall County. Schools typically have their STEM family nights once a year, but for Lakeview Primary, it's particularly special because it falls into their Year of STEAM initiative, which has every grade in the school participating in a STEAM project.

“Each grade level will have a STEAM project,” Nichols said. All of the projects are centered around the larger theme of health and food disparities in Baldwin County. “Kindergarten is going to be working in the garden. First Grade is going to help with weather and making sure that our garden gets enough rain… and then Second Grade will be talking about the lifecycle and pollination. I’m excited to watch Montessori, because they’re going to have worms and help add nutrients into our garden with their worms! Our PEC (Program for Exceptional Children) is going to be composting, but everybody is going to be doing STEAM and I think that is going to make a huge difference in our school and our students’ excitement about being at school.”

Similar to Youmans, WMAZ Meteorologist Alex Forbes also visits many schools in Georgia, including Bibb, Jones, and Baldwin Counties, although this was his first time visiting Lakeview Primary. "We're adding Milledgeville to the list today," he said with a smile, "I've always found that kids love weather because it affects everyone. There is extreme weather that happens and it's eye-catching to people of all ages. Kids see what's happening, and they want to know more about it."

Forbes also told students at LVP about his work covering NASA and other STEM related fields. He said that Mrs. Nichols reached out and requested he come by, and that he's always happy to come speak to children who are interested. With a teacher like Mrs. Nichols at LVP, more and more students are becoming interested in STEAM and STEM related fields every day!

scroll down for a photo gallery of both events

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