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Lakeview Primary Students Create 'Cooking Up Academics' Video to Promote Family Engagement

Lakeview Primary School embarked on an exciting collaboration with the Baldwin County School District Family Engagement Coordinator Shonya Mapp to promote family involvement and academic engagement during the holiday season.

Recognizing the importance of fostering strong connections between parents and students, the school and district worked together to create a unique and entertaining video. With a touch of creativity, they decided to present a fun cooking show that not only brought families together but also incorporated an educational twist.

The result was the creation of the "Math Gobbler Turkey Wrap," a delightful dish invented by the kids and their parents. The recipe was designed to involve an increasing number of ingredients added to a single tortilla, ultimately totaling 29 items. Students create the wrap by adding two slices cheese to one tortilla to make three, then three slices of turkey, four teaspoons of ranch, and so on. This clever approach not only made the cooking experience enjoyable but also integrated mathematical concepts in a hands-on and practical manner. The entire process was captured in a lively video that showcased the collaboration between parents and students, emphasizing the value of family engagement in education.

The video was submitted to the Department of Education's "Cooking Up Academics" family engagement video contest, where schools from across the country competed to showcase their innovative approaches to learning.

Lakeview Primary School are eagerly awaiting the results, hopeful that their unique Math Gobbler Turkey Wrap will not only win the contest but also inspire other schools to explore creative ways of promoting academic engagement through family participation.

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