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Lakeview Primary Teacher of the Year Completes GaDOE Teacher Policy Fellowship

Congratulations Brittany Nichols, 2023 Lakeview Primary Teacher of the Year, for successfully completing a year-long Teacher Policy Fellowship sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education. This remarkable achievement highlights Nichols' commitment to excellence and her dedication to advancing the education field.

Over the past year, Nichols has been collaborating with exceptional educators from across the state, including the 2023 Georgia Teacher of the Year, Michael Kobito. Their collective efforts have centered around the vital areas of teacher recruitment and retention, with the ultimate goal of fortifying the educational landscape.

Reflecting on her transformative experience, Nichols shared her enthusiasm for stepping out of her comfort zone: "The GaDOE created a policy fellowship to hear teachers' voices. It was amazing to work with incredible educators to identify ways we can strengthen the educational field. We presented our final projects today and shared many great ideas. I hate to see the end come but I know there will continue to be great work coming from these amazing people!"

Nichols' completion of the Teacher Policy Fellowship signifies her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence in education. The Baldwin County School District commends her dedication, passion, and her desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of students and fellow educators.

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