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Midway Hills Primary Pilots Program for Teaching Children How to Ride Bikes

Midway Hills Primary has partnered with CREATE Inc. to pilot a program that teachings students how to ride a bike. CREATE Inc. Coach, Daylon Martin, and his team spent an hour with each class, taking students from the basics of walking and scooting on the bikes to getting them to the riding position.

"As a coach, I primarily focus on cycling," Martin said, "we do youth development with leadership skills, trying to get kids focused not only on the bike, but in school and other activities as it relates to community service work and life."

Martin and his team spent the first week in October, working with different classes, and hope to bring the program to other schools within the District as well. "We're thankful to Dr. Price, who authorized the program, and to the principal, Tara Burney, for making it possible. And we're thankful to Amber Meyer, the PE teacher, for helping to facilitate it."

Although bringing the cycling program to local schools is new, CREATE Inc. (Center for Recreation Education Arts Technology and Enterprise) has been around for over ten years now, and hosts a number of programs that serve vulnerable and underserved populations across Middle Georgia. The Georgia College Center for Health and Social Issues, Community Baptist Church, and Outride all worked together to sponsor the program and it's been a huge success so far. Under Martin's instruction students not only got better on the training bikes, but had a blast while doing it.

Scroll down for a full photo gallery of the event.

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