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Pamela Longino Creates Pi-Themed Escape Room at Baldwin High School Library

Media Specialist Pamela Longino has pioneered the creation of theme-based escape rooms, catering to various educational and team-building needs. Among these, a standout feature is the Pi Day themed escape room tailored for the mathematics department, aiming to make learning more interactive and enjoyable.

The escape rooms designed by Longino encourage students to employ teamwork and critical thinking, while also promoting the use of literacy skills such as understanding figurative language and expanding vocabulary. In the poetry-themed room, for example, students explore the structure of poems through interactive stations focusing on lines, stanzas, and the use of repetition, making it a valuable resource for both English and Math classes. This approach has also been praised by teachers as an effective preparatory tool for AP exams and Milestone assessments.

Longino aims to expand this innovative educational tool by creating a new escape rooms, aligned with the curriculum and designed to incorporate literacy skills. This initiative exemplifies Baldwin High School’s commitment to fostering a creative, dynamic, and fun learning environment, helping students master complex subjects through immersive and interactive experiences.

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