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Principal Ray takes "A Brave Walk" with new staff and students!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Taking a page from a colleague, our principal, Mr. Ray, decided on a new approach to introduce new staff to our school and community. During his "BRAVE WALKS", Mr. Ray takes a few minutes to speak with each staff member about their backgrounds, hopes, and plans for the school year ahead.

In this video series, you will hear from all 10 of our new staff members as they take their brave walks into the 2022-2023 school year! Watch the video below for Mr. Ray's introduction and acknowledgements!

Links to Brave Walks

  1. Dr. Solow -

  2. Mrs. Horton -

  3. Mrs. Johnson -

  4. Ms. Hampton -

  5. Mrs. Epperson -

  6. Ms. Stanley -

  7. Mrs. Adams -

  8. Mrs. Mosley -

  9. Ms. Waller -

  10. Mr. Brown -

  11. Ms. Johnson:

  12. Solicitor's Office:

  13. Mrs. Chester:

  14. Student Gavin Smith:

  15. Student Naomi Larkin:

  16. Student Sha'Ron Baker:

  17. Student Anniyah Plunkett:

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