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Traffic Change for Blandy Road During Student Arrival and Dismissal

With the start of the new school year and the first day of school, August 2, 2023, a traffic pattern change will occur affecting the Lakeview Primary and Midway Hills Primary car-rider traffic, as well as traffic flow along Blandy Rd.

Effective Friday July 28, 2023, left hand turns will no longer be permitted for vehicles dropping students at Lakeview Primary, entering and exiting the campus. For Midway Hills Primary car-riders, a right turn only traffic pattern onto Blandy Road will also exist.

Temporary barriers are being installed by City of Milledgeville Public Works, with a more permanent solution forthcoming.

This change may alter some parent’s plans for dropping off students at other schools; however, in keeping with our priority of student and motorist safety, BCSD has partnered with the Milledgeville City Government to keep this busy and congested roadway moving as smooth and accident-free as possible.

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