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Corey Goble
Director of Safety and Security

Criminal Justice 



Emergency Services Management - Risk Management



Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools Trainer

Phone: 478-457-2911

Baldwin County School District prioritizes the safety of its students and faculty above all else, and recently created and hired for the position of Director of Safety and Security in order to ensure that all schools within the District were meeting the highest safety standards. Corey Goble, a lifelong public servant with experience in the public school sphere, was proud to pick up the mantle. 

Mr. Goble began his career in 1998 with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office but later moved to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office where he was promoted to Detective in 2006. Goble left the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office in 2011 and continued his employment with the Bibb County School System as its Chief Investigator and Safety and Security Manager.  He was awarded the American Red Cross Hometown Hero Award in 2016,  and has received numerous certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency-Dept. of Homeland Security, the United States Fire Administration, the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), CounterTerrorism Operations Support (CTOS), the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC), the Security and Response Training Center (SERTC), and  the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. 


Mr. Goble has assessed school safety, vulnerability, and risk with school districts, independent schools, and faith-based schools throughout the United States. He served as a contributing author to the guide “Seven Important Building Design Features to Enhance School Safety and Security” developed for the Indiana Department of Education by Safe Havens International, a non-profit school safety resource firm, which was shared with other states including Maine, and two Canadian Provincial departments of education.  Mr Goble also served on a team of school safety experts who conducted advanced student e-cigarette use assessments for secondary schools in school districts that are part of a massive federal civil action filed against JUUL and affiliate companies.  This work resulted in the development of a comprehensive and locally tailored approach to prevent and detect student vaping using a combination of policies, practices, student supervision techniques, technologies and supported by awareness campaigns and cessation programs recommended by other subject matter experts.  This litigation was filed by 209 school districts which operate a combined total of more than 2,000 secondary schools, serving millions of students. 

Mr. Goble holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Georgia College and State University, and a Master of Science in Emergency Services Management - Risk Management from Columbia Southern University.


Student and Parent Resources


“Safe2SpeakUP” is an online reporting tool that enables students, staff, parents, and stakeholders the ability to seamlessly and anonymously report issues of student safety, life safety, and general concerns to school administrators and district leaders. The system allows for 1-way or 2-way anonymous encrypted communications between submitters and school administrators. In addition, system users can remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report.

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Safer Georgia Schools Grant Opportunity
The Georgia Department of Education, Office of Whole Child Supports is providing all LEAs with the opportunity to apply for a grant between $50,000-250,000 per LEA to improve school health and safety measures, practices, and support.
The deadline to apply is 11/3/2023.

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