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All of our students, even our youngest, are growing up in a world where media and technology have taken center stage. They connect, share, and learn in a digital world with access to more information and resources than any previous generation in human history.

The Baldwin County School District believes that while technology can provide our students with incredibly powerful learning experiences, it is also important for us to work together to teach them how to be productive, responsible, and safe members of an ever-growing digital society.  

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an incredible site to help parents navigate the vast pool of media to which our children have access to help them easily determine what is appropriate for their child. Common Sense Media has parent-centered reviews of countless movies, books, tv shows, video games, even YouTube channels! 


View some of the resources we've listed below to help your family begin healthy, responsible conversations about Digital Citizenship.

This helpful document helps families have deep conversations about safety and behavior in a digital environment. 

Interested in teaching some Digital Citizenship lessons? Check out these pre-made plans that some of our teachers use to help prepare students to become responsible digital citizens.

Check out the Common Sense Media Blog for a vast library of articles about raising children in the digital age. Find helpful hints on everything from cell phones to Fortnite!


Be Internet Awesome!

The bright minds at Google have put together a wealth of resources for families to better understand the online world so that they can more easily protect what's important.

Check out the resources we've listed below to help your family have important conversations about responsible internet and digital device usage. 


The Family Link app from Google helps parents set digital ground rules for their kids' Android devices. Manage apps, keep an eye on screen time, track location, even set a bedtime to turn off the device.

Look for it in the Google Play Store!

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