BCSD Board Members standing in front of American flag.

School board members are elected by citizens to be the governing bodies of local school systems, and therefore, must make decisions with students, parents, taxpayers and school employees in mind. Our board members willingly accept the challenges of their office without expecting to be praised. We wholeheartedly believe that our board members deserve a pat on the back for their dedication and allegiance to the public school students in Georgia.


As constitutional officers of Georgia, school board members are responsible for setting educational policies, employing school personnel, providing buildings and equipment, operating a transportation system and disbursing school funds. As community leaders, our school board members serve as advocates for the children in our schools and must study, evaluate and decide what actions are in the best interest of those students.

Dr. Noris Price
Dr. Noris Price
Lyn Chandler
Lyn Chandler
District 3
Dr. Gloria Wicker
Dr. Gloria Wicker
District 1
Chair John Jackson
Vice Chair John Jackson
District 4
Shannon Hill
Shannon Hill
District 2
Wes Cummings
Chair Wes Cummings
District 5