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Brian Daniel

Director of Technology Services

Georgia College


Management Information Systems

Phone: 478-457-3313

As our world is constantly being influenced by technology (and the internet of things), it is crucial that we use these tools to improve educational strategies for all our students. With today’s students entering the educational setting as digital natives, it is the technology department’s mission to stay abreast of the latest tech trends and innovations for administrators, educators, and students in order for students to gain the best educational experience possible in Baldwin County Schools.

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Instructional Technology 



Amy Brantley

Georgia College
Georgia College
Georgia College

Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction

B.S. Middle Grades Ed.

M.Ed. Instructional Technology

Georgia College

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Georgia College



Behavior Disorders

Phone: 478-457-3323

VOIP EXT. 3323

Phone: 478-457-2407

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