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Staying on top of your child's academic performance can be a challenging task.  However, the links below will take you to the various programs that will allow you to stay on top of academic, testing and disciplinary issues that you may need more information on.  

Class Dojo

This is a classroom management tool that helps teachers connect to parents, and helps students see what they are doing right!

Curriculum Pathways

Offers complete courses and FREE tutorials and many different kinds of content, at many different levels.


This tools provides dynamic information about younger students' reading levels. 


Interested in learning a new language? This tool will help you out.


This website hosts many of our online courses.

Infinite Campus

This is our county's Student Information System (SIS). This is where you can find information on student attendance, grades, and more.


this is a unique way for teachers and students to quiz or any type of information. Also great for trivia night!

Khan Academy

This platform offers free courses in anything from computer programming to art history. 

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