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​Tuition-Free, Accredited Online School for Grades K-12

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Welcome to BOA!

Baldwin Online Academy is an online at-home option for grades 6-12 public school students who reside in Baldwin County Georgia. 

We offer all required Georgia classes with a wide selection of elective options. We even have courses available for gifted or AP students and support our students with special needs. 

Each course is led by a certified educator and we have online tutors available Monday through Saturday. 

We pride ourselves on our flexibility as students are able to work anytime 24/7 as long as they meet their assignment deadlines. 

To learn more check out our overview video and our other resources available on this page. 

News and Updates

Watch the following Video about personalized learning

What we offer


Your child deserves the highest quality education possible. That's why Baldwin Online Academy has partnered with Edgenuity to provide high-quality online instruction, teachers, and tutors to support our students. 


Our goal is to provide a quality at-home learning experience for all students in need of something different.





  • We empower learning.... anytime, anywhere!

  • Full 6-12 curriculum that engages students with videos, live teacher interactions, and 24/7 learning flexibility.

  • Personalized instruction provided by certified teachers online.

  • Access to after-school activities at root campuses.

  • Connection to our local school community and a diploma from Baldwin High.




helpful resources

Our guidebook details our program policies, academic calendars, and other useful information to help you thoroughly understand what to expect from our program.

View all high school courses currently available through our program.





Phone: 478-456-4712

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