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Desiree King: Oak Hill Teacher of the Year

Mrs. King began her career in education as a paraprofessional in 1988 at Flintside Elementary in Albany, Ga. She joined the Baldwin County School District in 1992 as a paraprofessional at the Baldwin County Psychoeducational Center and Boddie Middle School. In 1997, Mrs. King started teaching at Boddie Middle. She has earned an undergraduate degree in special education from Georgia College and State University and master’s degree from Troy State University.

What were the factors that influenced you to become a teacher?

"When I decided to become a teacher there were four motivating factors. I wanted to inspire hope, ignite young minds imaginations, motivate children to believe in their worth and educational abilities and to instill in young learners a love of learning. I wanted to be that teacher that inspired students to believe in their ability because they had a teacher that believed in them. I wanted to be that teacher that made all students believe that they were just as gifted as the next student and if they believed and saw in himself what I saw in them, then they would know all things would be possible no matter what their circumstances."

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