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BCSD Hosts Georgia Forward's Young Gamechangers

Superintendent Dr. Noris Price and BHS Principal Dr. Cloise Williams joining the Young Gamechangers for their educational roundtable discussion.

In the latter part of this week, the Baldwin County School District staff have hosted Georgia Forward's Young Gamechangers program, organized by the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce.

Superintendent Dr. Noris Price leading the Young Gamechangers on a tour of the BHS media center currently under renovation.

Superintendent Dr. Noris Price, along with Baldwin High School (BHS) Principal Dr. Cloise Williams and BHS student-ambassadors, led the Young Gamechangers on guided tour of BHS. The group was able to see all of the amenities and programs we're able to offer our students and families here in Baldwin County. BHS has undergone an incredible transformation over the past three years setting an all-time record high graduation rate of 86%, an increase of 20% over the same timeframe and a full four points higher than the state average. They were also treated to a tour of the Baldwin College and Career Academy, boasting a 98% graduation rate among participants, a program that prepares students to be college or career ready the moment they graduate.

Young Gamechangers is a leadership action program that brings together 50 of Georgia’s brightest minds under the age of 40, to help solve persistent challenges of one Georgia community. Each class works for six months to generate big ideas and recommendations for persistent challenges in a Georgia community which they present to the community at the conclusion of the program.

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