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Meet our BHS Science Department

The Science Department at Baldwin High School are implementing the 5 E’s in their instruction. Students at Baldwin High School will be using the 5 E model in their science classes. The 5 E’s are engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. The science teachers are always available to help their students or answer questions you might have about the science department.

Teachers pictured from left to right

Front Row – Ms. Davis (Forensic Science & Biology), Ms. McGill (AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Biology), Mr. Thomas (Forensic Science), Ms. Donahue (GradPoint Science), Ms. Bailey (Physical Science), and Ms. Yarbrough (Environmental Science).

Back Row – Ms. Pye (Biology, AP Environmental Science), Ms. Hall-Sanford (Environmental Science and Physical Science), Ms. Haynes ( Human Anatomy & Physiology), Ms. Tanner (Physics, Chemistry, & Physical Science) Ms. Murphy (Physical Science & Chemistry), and

Ms. Morrow (Environmental Science)

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