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Allied Arts Wins $5,000 Grant to Bring Ken Waldman to Midway Hills & Lakeview Academies

Stock photo of Ken Waldman playing fiddle.

Between February and March, Allied Arts, a Partner In Education with the Baldwin County School District, will sponsor A Residency with Ken Waldman. The two - week residency will be split between working with the fourth grade at Midway Hills Academy School and Lakeview Academy School. The grades that are selected were identified through close communication with the Baldwin County Schools Superintendent, the Gifted Coordinator and Principals. The residency will reach about 350 – 400 students, plus friends and family. Both schools are eager to have the opportunity to host a residency with Ken Waldman.

The residency at Midway Hills Academy and Lakeview Academy February 26 through March 2 and March 12 through 16, will focus on the fourth grade and will reach about 400 students, their parents and teachers. The residency will start with a musical assembly with the students and then focus on literacy through poetry. Waldman will work with 3-4 classes per day. The unit content that the fourth grade is already working on will be enhanced with literacy through poetry and music using cross curriculum and multidisciplinary teaching. By making comparisons with literacy and music, storytelling will be enhanced. The residency will also include one workshop for teachers. There will also be a public performance featuring some of the student’s poetry along with a musical accompaniment by Waldma