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2018 Baldwin High School Science Fair Winners, Regional Qualifiers

Baldwin High School Media Center with students presenting their science projects

Congratulations to the following 2018 BHS Science Fair Winners! These students will go on to represent Baldwin High School at the regional science fair at Georgia College on Friday, February 2nd.

Life Science

First Place

Nathan Mitchell, Aisha Sobti, and David Grimes for

Plant Cannibalism, Mold Invasions, and Blue Poison

Second Place

HeKet Mitchell

Yeast Metabolism With and Without Aeration

Second Place:

Trevor Thompson, Nate Smith, and Eddie Le

The Effects of Enamel and Fluoride on the Durability of Eggs

Third Place:

Kara Firesheets and Jordan Brimer

Milk Madness

Physical Science

First Place:

Trevor Lewis

Sound Be Gone

Second Place:

Amaya Yohan

Fruit Power

Third Place:

Miranda Brett, Aaliyah Mitchem, Madison Davis

Which Battery Lasts Longest?

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