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Bus Route Changes for 2019-2020

School buses parked in a field.

We hope you have enjoyed your summer break! As the new school year approaches, we wanted to take this time to inform you of the changes we have made to our routes.

05-10 is 17-2

05-11 is 17-3

05-12 is 18-12

06-1 is 18-11

06-2 is 13-1

13-1 is 18-6

We have merged some routes. We've consolidated last year's route for 18-6. 18-4 will now be picking up for both routes in the Hwy 212/Old Mill Trace areas. We've also consolidated 07-06's route from last year. 18-3 will now be picking up the entire Meriwether Rd area.

Middle and High school students for Ebony Lounge Rd, Medlin Rd, and Butler Rd between Hwy 24 and Stembridge Rd will now ride 07-05 allowing us to do away with the overflow bus from last year.

09-5 will now have all of the Old Stage Rd neighborhood. 18-2 will have the middle and high students on 5th St.

18-11 (formerly 06-1) will now pick up the elementary for Grandview Drive stops and Anthony Way. No change for middle and high students in this area.

Please contact our transportation office for any additional information at 478-457-2409.

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