A Message from our School Nutrition Director, Susan Nelson

A Message from our School Nutrition Director, Susan Nelson, to our BCSD families regarding several important changes to our mobile meals program.

Dear Baldwin County School District Families, The one thing about the COVID- 19 crisis is things change daily and we have to be flexible to meet these challenges. After meeting with the managers, we realized that 5 days of meals are not enough for our children. They were all in agreement, without hesitation I might add, that we needed to bump it up to 7 days of meals. So beginning this Monday, April 20th, Families will have 3 days of meals on Monday and 4 days of meals on Wednesday, which means our children will also have meals for Saturday and Sunday. Another change you will notice is that each child will receive a half-gallon of milk on both Monday and Wednesday. We are hoping this will make storage a bit easier in your refrigerators at home and it means the staff will only have to handle one item instead of 6 or 8 milk cartons per child.

As I have said before these meals are for any child, 0-18, no matter what school or county they are living in. No questions asked, not even a name. Feeding the children is what the Baldwin School Nutrition staff does, and for each meal, we serve we receive federal reimbursement. This is how we pay salaries and purchase equipment. We do not receive monies from our local school board and are considered self-sufficient. I tell my managers all the time that they run their own restaurants and the students are their customers! I have the best group of workers, no one has co