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BCSD Celebrates National School Communicators Day

At the June 8th school board meeting, Felicia Cummings, BCSD School & Community Relations Coordinator, was recognized in honor of National School Communicators Day, which was observed on May 14th. In May of 2019, it was declared that on the second Friday of May School Communicators would be honored for the essential role they play in helping schools and the communities they serve come together through effective and positive communication.

In the past two years, and now more so in this past year, school communicators along with educators have been seen in a different light due to the COVID-19 pandemic. School communicators have been working alongside superintendents and school boards to make sure decisions about COVID-19 school closures, pandemic response procedures, and safety protocols are communicated to parents, students, employees and the public in a clear, timely, and understandable way.

We are appreciative of the work Ms.Cummings does for our school district. She works hard to make sure the positive stories about our students, staff, and the school district as a whole are shared with the public. As a former educator, she understands the daily operations of a school system and with her history of working in Public Relations in Baldwin County, she is skilled in working with the community. Please join us in thanking Ms. Cummings for communicating both internally and externally all the good news happening in the Baldwin County School District.

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