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BCSD Celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week

Every year in May, educational institutions nationwide take the time to celebrate teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, the annual observation takes place May 3rd-7th.

We would like to personally thank the teachers and staff in the Baldwin County School District for their unwavering dedication and commitment to educating all children. Our school system consists of countless professionals who dedicate themselves both personally and professionally to ensure students receive the academic, social, and emotional support needed to grow into successful adults and become contributing members of society. Whether they are delivering in-person instruction or teaching remotely, BCSD educators are constantly working to help their students succeed! During this unpredictable year, they have demonstrated flexibility, perseverance, and strength in the ongoing process of educating and shaping the lives of children in this community.

We are asking our school community to take a moment to reflect on the unprecedented public health crisis that has plagued our community and recognize the Baldwin County School District educators for their outstanding work, dedication, and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is evident that our community at large has a much greater appreciation for our educators and their commitment, patience, and sacrifice in ensuring that our students get the world-class education they so rightfully deserve.

Please join us in thanking our educators for their commitment to our children. At BCSD, we know that we have the best teachers and support staff who will always provide our students with the optimal learning environments to succeed. Throughout the week, we ask students, parents, businesses, and community members to take the time to express their gratitude to our educators for the crucial role they play in the lives of our children. They truly make a difference each and every day.

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