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BCSD Celebrates Start of the School Year With Convocation

On Tuesday, July 26th, the Baldwin County School District celebrated its 2022 Convocation, the day when all of the faculty returns to their schools to prepare for the start of the new school year and the arrival of students on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Cheerleaders lined the sidewalks to welcome the faculty and staff. They were treated to a delicious breakfast. Afterward, they gathered in the James A. Lunsford gym, the school band and cheerleaders gave performances prior to the start of the official program. Special guest speakers, Colonel Floyd Griffin, Board Chair John Jackson, Commissioner Henry Craig, Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan, and BCSD Superintendent Dr. Noris Price provided the faculty and staff with words of inspiration. Afterward, "Mr. I'm Possible" Keith L. Brown took the stage for an amazing 75-minute performance that included words of inspiration, comedy, and dancing.

"I actually attended both undergraduate and graduate school with individuals from Baldwin County and surrounding areas at Savannah State University," Brown said, "so Baldwin is special to me. Just the concept of being in, what I call, the heart of Georgia... On Sundays, it was like the entire community would come out and gather at the parks and, it was just a great experience. So Baldwin County is special to me, its citizens, and definitely the school district that I was happy to inspire, and empower, and enlighten today!"

See our full photo gallery of the event below: