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BCSD Launches Monthly Virtual Lunch-and-Learn for Parents

Starting Friday, August 12th, parents will be given an opportunity to get more involved with their child's education through virtual sessions highlighting various applications, programs, classes, and district-wide initiatives in their interest. The monthly program is called 'Lunch and Learn' and will be hosted by Dr. Dianna Hollins, the system's coordinator for assessment and accountability.

"The great thing about the parent luncheon learn that it's going to be very, very enjoyable," Hollins said, "not only will they get information, but they will also have links and resources to that they can just download and have right at their fingertips."

Participants in the Lunch and Learn will also have an opportunity to win a free meal ticket from a sponsoring local restaurant. Hollins hopes that by holding sessions like these over lunch and virtually, more parents will be able to take part in their children's education.

"We believe in the parent-teacher partnership," Hollins said, "and we think this is a great opportunity for parents to not only have their voice's heard, but to also be involved with the process of understanding how we do things within the schools, and just having this at their fingertips each month, and allowing them to understand that everything we're doing is a partnership."

Parents who aren't able to attend the virtual sessions will still be able to access the virtual recordings on the district's Assessment & Accountability webpage.

You can register to attend right now by clicking here.

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