Baldwin High School Cast & Crew "Vibrated" the Staged at the 2022 Thespian Conference

Updated: Mar 8

Baldwin High School cast & crew "Vibrated" the Staged at the 2022 Thespian Conference. They were 1 of the 18 schools selected to perform out of over 200 that attended. Our students were represented in 8 out of the 9 event categories. In the Improv! Faceoff, three students (Eli Johnson, Toler Thompson, and Robinson York) made it to the final round, and Robinson York was named standout Improv! performer overall. Baldwin was one of the only three schools selected to perform in the Freestyle event, where 8 of our students (Matthias Bell, Nadia Cazacu, Alicia Cuyler, Lexia Johnson, Damont Holsey, Lecovian Thomas, Alyssa Sinyard, and Toler Thompson) performed in the 15-minute mini-musical 21 Chump Street.

Baldwin submitted three Thespy events that all received stellar feedback and Robinson York's monologue performance received an overall superior and a callback for a chance to perform in the conference closing ceremonies. Nick Ryan's short film "The Morning Argument" was selected for screening at the Film Fest event, and he participated in a short talk-back with audiences at the event. All students participated in the inaugural GA Thespians Quiz Bowl event after passing the preliminaries back in January, and they made it to the final round at the conference and held their own against several other schools-Baldwin was runner-up for this event. After her presentation, Seaver York participated in the junior college auditions for technical theatre tracks and received callbacks from several schools. And last but not least, all students performed our one-act musical Tuck Everlasting to two sold-out audiences. Our show sold out before the conference even began, and the packed house was so responsive and engaged! Please congratulate the cast & crew for their stellar performance and for making Baldwin Proud!

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