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Lakeview Academy Teachers Receive Montessori Certification

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

At Lakeview Academy, the students were in for a surprise! They finally would have the chance to see their teachers' grades, and guess what? The teachers received straight A's up and down. But it's not the typical report card we're talking about. Several teachers and administrators at Lakeview Academy recently achieved their Montessori Certification, a testament to the incredible work done by the Baldwin County School District in promoting the Montessori program and delivering an outstanding education to its students.

Congratulations to Principal Dr. Shawne Holder, Assistant Principal Heather Chancellor, Instructional Coach Keith Pruett, Diondrea Whipple, and Deleatrice Winkfield for their incredible achievement. Their Montessori Certificates were personally presented to them by Baldwin County Superintendent Dr. Noris Price. "Education is not just about teaching the curriculum," said Price, "it's about igniting a passion for learning, fostering growth, and empowering our students to become the best versions of themselves."

The Montessori Method, developed by Maria Montessori over a century ago, is a child-centered approach to education that has been embraced by schools worldwide. It is founded on the principle that children are naturally curious and possess an innate desire for knowledge. The method aims to foster independent learning and personal growth by creating a supportive environment that nurtures children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

The Baldwin County School District takes pride in its partnership with Georgia College to offer the Montessori Academy at a preschool level, but it is now proud to offer this innovative method at the primary and academy schools as well.

The Montessori Certification earned by the teachers at Lakeview Academy demonstrates their dedication to delivering high-quality Montessori education. This certification equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the Montessori Method effectively and cater to the unique needs of each student.

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