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Congratulations to Oak Hill Middle Theater Students Who Performed the Play Roshambo

Oak Hill Middle School recently put on a production of the play 'Roshambo!' Much like the game itself, the play is simple, yet engaging. The show was directed by John Shuman, who shared his thoughts on why the play was chosen, what resonated with the performers, and what surprised him about the show.

According to Shuman, "Rock-Paper-Scissors - also known as Roshambo or RPS - is used frequently in my classroom to settle minor disputes. When I found a straight (non-musical) play that focused on Rock-Paper-Scissors, I knew we had to give it a try!" This simple yet engaging game has always been popular among students, and the play's focus on the game appealed to both the performers and instructors.

The play's story resonated with the performers and instructors because almost all of the characters are hyper-focused on one thing: The Roshambo Tournament. The main character, however, realizes that too much attention and energy is being put into something that has little to do with anything substantive in their lives. "The performers resonated with the relatability of the characters and enjoyed giving their unique voices to each character during the character creation process," said Shuman.

The most surprising thing about the play, according to Shuman, was "just how funny the performers could be!" Comedy is difficult to do, but every chance they found to highlight a comedic bit or add a funny moment to the show, the students got it right every time. The laughter coming from the audience during the performances showed just how well the performers handled the comedic elements.

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