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Innovator Richard Culatta's Visits to Baldwin County School District

Richard Culatta's recent visit to the Baldwin County School District left a lasting impression, igniting conversations about the future of education and the role of technology. He, along with Superintendent Dr. Noris Price, was also involved participating in the Baldwin Chamber of Commerce's annual 'Reality Check,' where our students experienced a unique role-playing game focused on financial literacy.

Culatta, an internationally recognized innovator and learning designer, brought his wealth of expertise to the Baldwin County School District during his visit. As the CEO of ASCD/ISTE, Culatta is dedicated to empowering education changemakers worldwide to create equitable and engaging learning experiences for students.

Before assuming his current role, Culatta served as the Chief Innovation Officer for the state of Rhode Island, leading pioneering initiatives in computer science education and personalized learning. His tenure as the Executive Director of the Office of Educational Technology for the US Department of Education, appointed by President Obama, marked a period of significant progress in expanding connectivity and promoting personalized learning nationwide.

During a special luncheon for district staff, Culatta delved into the intriguing realm of artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting both its potential opportunities and looming challenges in education. His insights spurred thought-provoking discussions, encouraging educators to explore innovative ways of integrating AI into the classroom.

Throughout his tour of our schools, Culatta demonstrated a genuine interest in our district's endeavors, engaging with students and administrators alike. His passion for education and visionary leadership served as a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and exploration of innovative educational practices.

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