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Ms. Alysia Cleveland is the BOE Office Employee of the Month

December's Central Office Employee of the Month for January is Ms. Alysia Cleveland. This is Ms. Cleveland's first year with the Baldwin County Board of Education. She always starts the day with a warm greeting and a smile. Ms. Cleveland is a native of Hancock County and she has twenty-two years of experience with the State system with the majority focus on Financial, Human Resources, and Procurement. Her hobbies are putting God and family first in her life, as reflected in her day-to-day activities. She enjoys sitting down to watch "Gone With The Wind." One surprising thing to note about Ms. Cleveland is that she received perfect attendance upon completion of graduation from Headstart to 12th grade and she never missed a day of school.

Ms. Alysia Cleveland, thank you for all that you do for our school district. You are greatly appreciated!