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Oak Hill Middle School Dance and Drill Teams "Go For It" at the BRAVO Dance Competition in Athens

Oak Hill Middle School dance and drill teams recently participated in the BRAVO Dance Competition held in Athens, Georgia. The two teams gave a spectacular performance and earned praise from the judges. Each dance team received a personal adjudication, and the dance team's performance was awarded Elite High Goal, earning them second place. The team's high score place has secured them an overall placement of third. The group also received a "Special Judges" Award titled "The Total Package Award," recognizing their exceptional performance.

Oak Hill Middle School can be proud of their dance and drill teams and their outstanding achievements. The success of the two teams at the BRAVO Dance Competition is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and talent. Crystal Williams, the dance instructor at Oak Hill Middle School, also expressed her pride in the dance team, stating that "Our students can compete globally in whatever they choose, and I believe that when opportunity meets preparedness, success is inevitable! I will continue to keep the expectation of excellence high."

The BRAVO Dance Competition has different levels, and Drill Team Instructor Claritha Wilson, along with the Williams, researched the competition thoroughly before deciding to take the team to compete. For the dance team, this was their second year competing, but this was the drill team's first.

"There are different levels in this competition, and this is a first for me," Wilson said. While drill and dance have some differences, Wilson doesn't want to put a differentiation between them. "Drill sometimes causes you to be a little bit stationary, just a little, your moves are a little tighter. But you still have the liberty to dance."

Wilson has been the drill instructor at Oak Hill Middle School for five years, and this year, she felt that her team was ready for the competition. "I think it was the whole thing of looking at the energy from the girls, and saying, let's take it to a next level," she explained. "What I tried to teach them directly and indirectly is don't let fear take over. Just go for it. And so that's what we did. This was the year of going for it."

Overall, this is a great achievement for the Oak Hill Middle School dance and drill teams, and their success reflects their hard work, dedication, and talent. Wilson and Williams expressed their gratitude towards the school administration, teachers, family, friends, Principal Daymond Ray, and the Board Office for all their support throughout the year.

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