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The Baldwin County School District Celebrates the Arts

This year marked the return to an in-person Fine Arts Showcase, which was held on Saturday, May 21st from 1pm - 6pm and featured artwork from the Baldwin County School District K-12 program as well as performances from Baldwin County schools. The showcase was a joint effort by all fine arts programs in the county, and provided an opportunity for students to share their work in one event.

The event was free and open to the public. Scroll down to see individual galleries of each of the 15 performances that took place, as well as artwork from the local schools.

Artwork & Showcase

Baldwin High School Concert Band

Midway Hills Primary Chorus

Baldwin High School Jazz Band

Lakeview Academy Chorus

Baldwin High School Percussion

Midway Hills Academy Chorus

Oak Hill Middle School Concert Band

Oak Hill Middle School Chorus

Midway Hills Academy Band

Baldwin High School Chorus

Lakeview Academy Band

Oak Hill Middle School Dance

Oak Hill Middle School Theatre

Baldwin High School Dance

Baldwin High School Theatre

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