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Elisa Koehler: Midway Teacher of the Year

Ms. Koehler began her teaching career in 1991 at Wilkinson County Elementary in Irwinton, Ga. She joined the Baldwin County School District in 2000 at Midway Elementary School teaching students with special needs. She is currently teaching fourth grade. Ms. Koehler completed her undergraduate in Early Childhood Education from Georgia College in 1991; a master’s degree in Special Education from Georgia College in 1994; and a specialist degree in Administration and Supervision from Cambridge College in 2007.

What were the factors that influenced you to become a teacher?

"As a senior a Wilkinson County High School, I was allowed to take an elective class called “Working with Children” with Mrs. Joan Dixon. Mrs. Dixon allowed me to become part of the class by working with different learning styles. This is what we class differentiation during this educational time She taught me that children come in all colors, from so many different home lives, and bring with them so many learning styles. By the end of my senior year, I had decided to pursue a degree on at Georgia College. As an educator for 25 years. I feel greatest accomplishment is the difference I make in the lives of children every day. The students I have educated over the past years have made a difference in my life as well."

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