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Elizabeth Hawkins: Eagle Ridge Teacher of the Year

Ms. Hawkins joined the Baldwin County School District in 2012. Mrs. Hawkins has taught 3rd through 5th grade self-contained classes for the Program for Exceptional Children(PEC). She earned an undergraduate degree in special education and master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia College and State University.

What were the factors that influenced you to become a teacher?

"I have always said that teaching is a calling; being that there are some people who were simply born to teach. Looking back on the path that lead me to my teaching career, I do not remember a time when I was not teaching to some degree. Even while I was in elementary school, I had my makeshift gradebook and chalkboard pretending to teach. I had incredible elementary school teachers who were passionate and eager, and I aspired to be just like them. I loved everything about school, including taking charge, which made a fierce combination. These qualities set the foundation for who I would become as an educator."

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