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BHS Hosts Fine Arts Showcase

Group shot of students performing in the horns section.

It's easy to see why the Baldwin County School District has been named one of the Best Communities in Music Education when visitors walked in to see our the fine arts talent on full display during our inaugural Fine Arts Showcase earlier this month. Every school in the district had students, their art and their talents were center stage for an evening of songs, performances and exhibitions.

Guests enjoying the art gallery in the fine arts center.

Guests were treated to numerous chorus and band performances from the elementary and middle grades while the high school's concert performance and theatrical music groups closed out the show. Guests were also treated to a beautiful art gallery entirely comprised of student art from all across the district.

The fine arts play a critical role, not just in the academic development of a student, but also in their ability to express themselves creatively. The Baldwin County School District puts a premium on our many fine arts programs and we're always expanding our selection of creative ways that our students can get involved.

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